The Evans & Company CPA portal provides a way for you to access your prior tax returns from anywhere with an internet connection. We generally keep 3 years of returns on the portal which makes for an easy way for clients to share their returns with banks, or other individuals/institutions they deem appropriate. The security of your personal information is of paramount importance to us. Administered by CCH, A Wolters Kluwer business, using the highest available military 256-bit Advanced Encryptions Standard, rest assured that your personal information is secured.



Now that you’ve got your return completed and filed your next question is, of course, “when will I get my refund?” You can use this link to get an instant update on your refund status.



Similar to the IRS’, “where’s my refund”,  the FTB site provides you with updates on the status of your refund and the abilityto view your entire account online including payments made and balance due. Use this site to also make payments for taxes owed.



Use EFTPS to make a quick and secure payment towards any federal taxes owed, including balances due with returns, payroll tax payments or balances due as a result of notices received. Registration typically takes 2 – 4 weeks to become official but once registered you can instantly pay any IRS debts owed.



Use the Evans & Company CPA tax organizer to quickly and easily organize your information. The Organizer is a tool that not only alerts you to potential tax issues that you may not be aware of but can also expedite the preparation of your return. This Organizer is provided as a courtesy to the general public; return Evans & Company CPA clients will have an organizer sent to them, either hard copy or electronically, that will have their prior year information pre-populated for easy comparison.